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This is ridickliss and great at the same time.


In 2010 I thought about making some fake rivalry between me and this dude here MC Proteus, who used to post on the Braindance forums:  

He used to talk like he was some rap god, but he was often just meh (listening to it now, it has a certain charm).  I just checked his homepage now... still same site, and here is a quote from his art page- I shit you not: "OK I THINK I AM A FUCKING GENIUS FOR DOING NOTHING IN MY TWENTIES EXCEPT FREESTYLE".  Yah- now you know why I conceived of this IDM rivalry.


Oh, yah-- here's my 2010 proof of concept, but I never got around to caring enough to actually start something.  If you listen to the above vid, this might make more sense:



And there you have it-- the peace V.S. MC Proteus rivalry that nobody knew about cuz it didn't exist.




If anyone who raps wants to start a fake IDM rap rivalry with me and pretend like there's some big shit going on between Tokyo and wherever-you-live, lemme know.  Cuz then after we go back and forth with a few tracks- and send them and story to music blogs to let them know this deep rivalry- we can film a documentary and have Mike Paradinas and Ned Beckett speak about it like it's been going on since 1996.

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once again peace7 shows the world why he is not only the best watmmer but quite probably the best human being.

I always picture his posts being spoken by his avatar

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