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showed up in google search Multitimbral Synthesizer

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the tetra has wavetables???? that's so fucking incorrect.


I sold my tetra, loved it but didn't fit my workflow. I'd say go for the blofeld, you'll love it

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Fatness is how much of the frequencies in a sound is used. (Learning more terms Taylor)

Korg is nice but its (its) just too electronic.

You can midi the synth to multiple channels. (Learning more terms Taylor)

But it all sounds the same, did make a harmonica sound one time.

David smith is very expensive but sounds the best. (Learning more terms Taylor)

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I would've thought you guys would be happy about this. Taylor Swift liking synths means hot girls will follow her, and when they find out you know about synths you might have the chance to get cooties.

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so what can i use to sound like taylor swift? i'm torn between the roland (really fat sounding ) and the korg but the korg is cheap and electronic

Obviously the korg, T. Swift ain't fat.

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