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Ho, ho, ho merry Christmas and all that humbug, 99 problems, but spam aint one ;) ...




I still have a couple of disks to go through, but have been able to scrape moar of my old protracker Amiga stuff, (pre-)mid nineties first dabbles in tracker beat music. From un-eventful hiphop-like instrumentals to jungle gabber hybrids.Makes me smile and a bit nostalgic to the good 'ol days, maybe some of you can dig these lofi vibes? 

The amiga was hooked up to a philips cdr930 mini audio cd recorder, recording the outputs straight to cd. No touch ups, no vst, just Paula chip goodness :) .






Example track;




Some earlier salvaging missions;



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I like the Busta sample in Leaders techno mix -- 


Thanks for the feedback. As you probably already know the busta samples come from a tribe called quest's scenario;

A track which has been sampled a lot since inception :) (http://www.whosampled.com/A-Tribe-Called-Quest/Scenario/sampled/)



the bass drums in that one are awesome, too.

The amiga's dac's bass output is quite good imo or maybe it's the highs being rolled off? I've heard gabber producers used to link up two Amiga's at the same time back in the days for moar stereo, moar bass. 

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