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yeh dunno lol. They kinda evolved their overall sound to be more happy kinda? Seems odd, less deep and massive, dunno...


I don't know if more happy but this is defo more organic probably due to actual (electro?)-acoustic instruments. I like it anyway also. Suitably dark for the shit going on.

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Track sounds pretty meh tbh. Maybe there's better stuff on the album.

There's actually some pretty decent stuff on this album. It's definitely one of those you've gotta be in the mood for and sort of know what you're getting into with it, though. Would be one that benefits from listening to HQ instead of streaming on Spotify like I'm doing right now with fucking Madea ads in between tracks and all.

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yeh dunno lol. They kinda evolved their overall sound to be more happy kinda? Seems odd, less deep and massive, dunno...


I don't know if more happy but this is defo more organic probably due to actual (electro?)-acoustic instruments. I like it anyway also. Suitably dark for the shit going on.




well said on both points, i'd never describe emptyset as "happy", but it definitely seems a little "less-dark" and more organic than Recur did... It seems more ambient than rhythmic as well, I still dig it though.

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      Half of Emptyset, Ginzburg releases an album of ambient drones on his own label. Should be interesteing.
    • By kieselguhr kid
      thrill jockey just announced two new OVAL releases (EP in november, full-length in 2020). here's what they write about it; sadly no preview samples yet though. I'm cautiously excited about this; early oval up to process/commers is still some of my all-time favourite music, which made his last few releases just the more dissappointing (and i'm not even talking about popp's new career path as a self-help guru / 'creativity coach'....). a return to form would be much appreciated.
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      from thrill jockey:
      Jan St. Werner Glottal Wolpertinger (Fiepblatter Catalogue #6)  Thrill Jockey Thrill-488 - 2019  
      Glottal Wolpertinger is released on LP only, pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged with a free download card.
      Jan St. Werner is a critically acclaimed and internationally recognized sound innovator. In a myriad of ways – as a solo artist, a collaborator, through his group Mouse On Mars, as a producer, as a lecturer at MIT, or as a professor of Dynamic Acoustic Research at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremburg - Werner has challenged traditional approaches to creating and experiencing music. The sixth installment of his Fiepblatter Catalogue series, Glottal Wolpertinger, endeavors to transcribe the phenomenon of sound as anarchic and highly sensitive material. His multilayered presentation of the project highlights the ways in which sound and music can fluctuate and re-constitute depending on context all within one consistent work. In keeping with the series’ collaborative nature, the pieces include contributions from guitarists Aaron & Bryce Dessner of The National, who Werner also collaborated with on Mouse On Mars’ Dimensional People, and The National’s Sleep Well Beast.
      Glottal Wolpertinger was initially conceived as a radio installation for documenta 14 with each of the tracks broadcasting individually over the course of ten weeks and culminating in a convergence of all eight tracks at a performance in Athens. The pieces consist of microtonally tuned feedback, multispectral drones which Werner modulated and filtered with a purposeful, and indeed vocalized, emphasis given to the different frequencies and textures used. By naming the individual frequency bands, Werner defies traditional tuning systems and instead centers the piece on collaging variable elements. Sonic elements churn and sprawl across the tracks in constant motion. Their drones, combatting for space, entangle one another and oscillate into overtones that shift, build, and wither with fluid motion that blurs the line between consonance and dissonance.
      Glottal Wolpertinger’s incarnation as a recording is no less potent than its preceding forms, but serves as a continuation of the project’s evolution as a distinct listening experience. Werner’s apt title for the project embellishes the ambiguity and cognitive dissonance inherent with the work, as the wolpertinger is a creature of European myth which is said to be the mutated result of different species breeding under special circumstances in the Alps. Glottal intonations are those produced by the guttural and throat region of the body, the center of organic sound. According to Werner, the wolpertingers are “bastards, collaged freaks who exist in the grey zone of nature’s perfect plan,” the same grey zone in which his pieces live.
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      Matmos have announced a new album. 'Plastic Anniversary' is out March 15 via Thrill Jockey. The record celebrates the duo’s anniversary as a couple. It was also recorded using exclusively “sounds derived from plastic objects.” According to a press release, the 11-track album aims to explore “the world's relationship to plastic—a material whose durability, portability, and longevity, while heralded by its makers, are the very qualities that make it a force of environmental devastation.”


      01 - Breaking Bread
      02 - The Crying Pill
      03 - Interior With Billiard Balls & Synthetic Fat
      04 - Extending The Plastisphere to GJ237b
      05 - Silicone Gel Implant
      06 - Plastic Anniversary
      07 - Thermoplastic Riot Shield
      08 - Fanfare for Polyethylene Waste Containers
      09 - The Singing Tube
      10 - Collapse of the Fourth Kingdom
      11 - Plastisphere
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      [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=4289495757 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
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