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!!! WARNING !!! : serious problems with AE_LIVE prints from The Designers Republic

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 Hello people,

I'm having serious problems with those behind The Designers Republic, and not knowing how to handle the problem, I decided to make this public post: I hope that, at least, it will prevent you from falling in the same case.
The problem concerns the AE_LIVE prints.
November 20, 2016 I ordered from the TDR site,  two AE_LIVE prints: one for me, one for a friend of mine.
This is the code of my order: # BKLG-028024
After paying the prints with paypal, I tried to write to TDR to know if i could not pay twice the shipping costs, putting the two prints in a single package, but got no response from them. In a second e-mail I asked them about ae onesix print, with the idea of ​​adding even that print in my order, but for the second time got no answer.
Two days ago, back home after a trip, I found a package sent by TDR, but once opened, I found a single ae_live print instead of two.
...so, for the third time I have written to The Designers Republic, and for the third time I had no answer.
I paid for two AE_LIVE prints (£ 100) and I paid twice the postage (20 + 20 = £ 40), for a total amount of £ 140, but in the cardboard tube I found a single print. And i wrote to them three times, with no answer.
Inside the package, however, I found my order's receipt: under "items quantity" is Clearly written 2.
I lost seventy pounds thanks to TDR. For those who are my economic possibilities, it is a serious damage.
If in the next few days I will get attention from them, I will hurry to update this post.
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Might not be the best idea to add your order number publicly?

How did you try to contact  them? I'm sure there's a few ways you could reach out to them (Twitter, TDr website, facebook, etc.). I'm sure this isn't done with any ill will. Hope you get it sorted soon though!

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You should be able to go through PayPal to get tDR to listen to your issue. You can file a complaint through PP and they'll get all official and shit on the seller about rectifying the situation.

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...jajaja... maybe I put too much emphasis in the title of the post ... anyways, following the advice of Auxien (thank you!), I have contacted TDR through paypal: now we'll see what happens ...


don't let your guard down, stay on alert!

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I also have a problem with TDR. I pre-ordered both prints and neither has arrived (yet). TDR said the post office forgot to put tracking numbers on their orders in the Xmas rush, so there's no way they can track it. They have not been great with communication. I'm waiting another week or two to see if they arrive and then I'm contacting PayPal to file a claim. Something seems unprofessional. I was never even notified that they were ever shipped.

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You should be able to go through PayPal to get tDR to listen to your issue. You can file a complaint through PP and they'll get all official and shit on the seller about rectifying the situation.

Yup this, had to go through Paypal when Orchid Tapes never sent me an LP I paid for and wouldn't respond to any emails. Paypal handled it beautifully and quickly.

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btw sucks m8, hope you get your monies back, for that amount they should communicate at least :(


also lols for the tracks people are posting

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My problem with tDR is that I never ordered *any* AE_LIVE prints and yet they keep sending them to me several times a week. Came back from visiting family over Christmas to find the entrance to my flat had been blocked by a fort made out of all the delivery tubes. Managed to create an amazing AE_MARBLE_RUN out of all the prints though ...

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They're probably one guy at this point



btw sucks m8, hope you get your monies back, for that amount they should communicate at least :(



TDR is really taking the whole minimalism aesthetic as far as it can go.




2017's gonna be brutal

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2017's gonna be brutal


you forgot to include the text



Collector's Edition

Hand-cast, 962gsm virgin polystyrene jewel case and tray

Pressed to high quality, 22 gram polycarbonate disc with hand-stamped silver foil layer

Made in The Designer's Republic™

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