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!!! WARNING !!! : serious problems with AE_LIVE prints from The Designers Republic

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I opened up a paypal dispute with them yesterday for the onesix print ordered on 29th Dec which still hasn't been delivered. Gotta say, it's worrying how bad their communication is.

I wonder how many of us got stiffed? I'm not sure if the multiple complaints make me feel better or worse. Neither of mine have been delivered, preordered both, and he claimed he can't track my order. Real sloppy. I asked when my order(s) shipped and he never replied.

I just got a reply, shipped today for delivery tomorrow. The guy who does the shipping was off sick and is just back today and is going through all the messages, hopefully you guys will get some response also. It does seem like a very staff-lite operation.

Did you go through PayPal?

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Yeah, Paypal Resolution Centre

Well, I was going to wait another week since I live in the states, but I think I'll file one tonight. I'm not a big fan of the lack of communication.

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..Received today a kind and rational response from tDR.: the second press will be able to fly to my home, and excess shipping charges will be refunded. I don't know how much my complaint on paypal has been decisive, or if, in a distant day, I would have had an answer in any case, but I must tell that, now that the post seems to resolve, i already look back with nostalgia to the glorious day when I decided for that !!! WARNING !!!


Knowing that you all on alert, I will not miss me from telling you the ending of this dangerous adventure..

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great news!



I still haven't received mine yet :/




.. didn't order any though soooo


sounds like you better issue a WARNING

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I'm glad the issue was sorted out and we all got our posters. They were delivered in unnecessarily oversized tubes, I guess that's why postage was so expensive. They're heavy duty. i'm now using them as speaker stands


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