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❒ dsph_001 | Various Artists ~ Objects of Auditory Perception ∞


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Hey WATMM Heads^^ We are very proud to finally unveil the first installment of 30 precisely-curated auditory artifacts ~ Taken from our long-coming, debut compilation offering under DSPH Sounds's music imprint ↑?️--?️--?️
30 x exquisitely-crafted auditory objects / Contributed by some of globes most delicate and abstract sound experimentalists / Totaling in 2.5 hours of intricate, thought-provoking journey through a complexly-structured, forward-thinking, underground electronica.
With auditory contributions by the following line up of artists >>

❒ Avtopat ❒ Autemu ❒ AB/DX ❒ Blochemy ❒ Bunai Carus ❒ B.atl ❒ Datolar  ❒ Disphilharmonia ❒ Drone Travolta ❒ Isoproflex ❒ Eczem ❒ Gast ❒ Good Egg ❒ Jeremic ❒ Khng Khan ❒ Luh ❒ Maka ❒ Modem Priest ❒ Mika Technika ❒ Noitu ❒ Nukua ❒ Onsy ❒ Randomform ❒ Sanmi ❒ Scott Strain ❒ Skogn ❒ Tempus ❒ Trohi ❒ zK ❒ 0968B3251
OUT?NOW >> Preview / GET the compilation for FREE / 
NameYourPrice download via our Bandcamp page >> 
**Please refer to the individual track pages on Bandcamp for detailed info and credits on each of the works as well as links where you can hear more works and support the contributing artists.
Hope you appreciate and enjoy the sublime quality and the immersive sound contained on this compilation ~ as much as we do here at DSPH Sounds^^

To celebrate the final launch of the platform we’ll be also doing a special 3-hour radio broadcast ~ Playing a live mesh-up selection of hand-picked, rare and exclusive tunes from the artists and producers involved in this very first release. As well as some #forthcoming exclusive material that is about to be released via DSPH Sounds early this year. More info on the air-date and the event will follow up soon ~ STAY TUNED ^^
Have a Stellar 2017 Everyone ?

With Love from Eastern Europe//
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I’m surprised nobody answered to this topic yet.


This release his really good, never boring and often surprising. 

Very clean and precise sound, with interesting textures. 


I love both the diversity and the global consistency of the compilation. 

Deserves to dig into ! Give it a try.


Thanks to DSPH

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