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8 tracks of cosmic synth prog metal ridiculousness. It took me almost a year to create, but some tracks and parts have been waiting many years to be developed.. it's also the first time I've recorded vocals for my Pselodux project. Give it a listen!




Track list:

  1. Hydrogenesis 4:25
  2. Collapse 7:42
  3. Precursors I 6:51
  4. The Fifth Day (ft. Tim Carruthers) 8:13
  5. New Endings 6:09
  6. Ultramarine 9:11
    i. Hero
    ii. Build II
    iii. Proving Grounds
  7. Infinity Engine 14:24
    i. Generator
    ii. Infinity Fusion
    iii. Silent Sorrow In Interdimensional Vessels
    iv. Metal Juggernaut (ft. Tuberz McGee)
  8. Precursors II 4:13

Available at Perelandra:



Artwork by Andrea Marcias:


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hahah, thanks!


Yeah my Pselodux project is now mostly dedicated to prog and cosmic synth stuff. The more repetitive/minimalist electronic music has been redirected to my 0F.digital project :D

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New Endings



Precursors I and the Fifth Day are my favorite jams so far. This is such a strange record in a really good way. Also, I love that artwork as well.

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thankyou! Strange was definitely the idea here, in terms of juxtapositions.


I think the vocoder+synth lead part in New Endings is probably the best thing I've ever written..

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I very rarely listen to metal but the second track does it for me. Well done




I feel like this is not really being appreciated as much as my previous releases, but I'm not too fussed about it, as it's pretty close to me making music for my own satisfaction, and the fact that it gets released at all is just a side-effect.


Anyway, it's now available on bandcamp for those who are that way inclinded:


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