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The Big Star Wars Thread *SPOILERS ABOUND*


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Lucasfilm/Disney has revealed the name of the eighth Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi


Before you get up in a tizzy, remember - "Jedi" is both plural and singular, so don't think they are gonna kill Luke off (or... are they?)

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Again, because Jedi is both plural and singular, "The Last Jedi" could refer to Luke AND Rey being the last Jedi - Luke was truly the last Jedi since his failed attempt to establish a Jedi Order failed with Ben Solo going rogue and turning to the Dark Side.


Kinda odd they put the Star Wars logo in red this time too:


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My theory : Rey will turn bad, possibly get used by the Siths to kill Luke whereas Kylo will turn good and thus become the real last Jedi because "There's good in him".

Would be the most interesting way to put it imo but I'm really looking forward seeing the movie !

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