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The Big Star Wars Thread *SPOILERS ABOUND*


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This poster suggests Luke does indeed get Anakin's lightsaber back, I'm wondering how he will react to learning Ren killed Han, or did he feel it when Leia did? I'm still chuffed we'll never see the original trio together again, that was half of my interest in these sequels.



I don’t think you’re using chuffed right

It's an antonym



I don't think you're using antonym right.

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Responses to the world premiere are overwhelmingly positive; I have a gut feeling this might beat Empire as the best Star Wars movie (or at least be on equal footing). Just watched Empire last night - still amazing.

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Lmao at him not knowing what Gungans are.


To me he's coming off as "get off my yard" old guy.  I'm sorry, Luke is a senior citizen, he's not going to fly in and save everyone's ass again.

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