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The Big Star Wars Thread *SPOILERS ABOUND*

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The reveal was good and I generally like The Mandalorian overall but it's a shame it's bringing in Jedi's and lightsabres and stuff now. I kinda wanted it to be a separate thing within the Star Wars u

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I fucking hate this film.

How about you, you know, WATCH it first, eh? Might not be what you're expecting (or EXACTLY what you were expecting).

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what the fuck kind of ship design is that? yo you guys you know what's cooler than triangles?? two triangles slammed together to make something that looks like a space measuring stick that the baby from 2001 is gonna use to check out its dick size

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    • By BOCfan
      So apologies if this has already been posted, but it's been confirmed that alongside the new episodes in the Star Wars series, there' going to be standalone movies released as well. Could be pretty cool if done properly (a Boba Fett movie would be especially good). Anyway, here's the 411 from Empire:
    • By Joyrex
      A clip from the upcoming Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray show Lucas finally went and fixed something in the movies that actually needed fixing: That damn lame Yoda puppet (which was inferior to even 1980's Empire Strikes Back Yoda puppet) from The Phantom Menace:
    • By sup
      in star wars why did darth vader become so many robot parts?
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