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Nice lazy feel to this one. I feel that the track is lacking in high frequencies, making is sound a little too muffled IMO (especially the snare).

I'd mix the percussion & snare a bit louder if this was my track too. The kick is often swallowed up in the synth tones, perhaps a subtle sidechain?

I like that rainy sample you have coming into the track a couple of times, more of that stuff would be welcome :)

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I like it too, and agree with the points above. I would up the master volume too though, I could barley hear it with cracking the volume up full blast. I would be inclined to change add some new pads towards the end of the tune, but that's just me.

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Thanks a lot guys. I agree, looking back I'm pretty disappointed with how it came out. A lot of it is a total lack of mastering knowledge. I'm slowly trying to build up that knowledge. Thank you for trying to point me in the right direction. I did put up another track a few hours ago, hopefully I've improved a bit since the Undone track. I tried to just be more careful in the mixing stage so I didn't have to try and patch things up after with compression or saturation. I still want to learn these things but I'm not really familiar with a proper DAW or those techniques at the moment.

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