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Now That Trump's President... (not any more!)

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enough of this pissweak white apologism, at long last. apparently you haven't paid attention the last 5 years and understood the scale of what has occurred in that time. go take a cursory look at the 

A bunch of entitled/threatened/fearful white people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed to support the egotism of a common opportunist / cheap tie salesman. Now they are resorting to violen

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I am glad this shit is over soon. Can't wait for the meltdowns, whoever wins. Personally I think Trump has no business even being near the presidency of the USA, but here we are. We're fucked either way, but a Trump presidency would be just catastrophic on another level.

Didn't you hear? The Podestas kidnap children!

Wake up sheeple

Shillary Rotten Clinton is Rothschild Illuminati shape-shifting demon

She tried to assassinate Trump

For more info visit Infowars.com or FlourescentGrey911Truth.org

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I just can't believe he is going to be president, how can you take life seriously after that? i feel so depressed lol 


A win for him doesn't look likely, though. 




how can you be so sure of this? today the air smells like trump

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I voted early today. I voted my conscience. I voted nin.

I had this poster in highschool, and would have voted NIN in a heartbeat.  Still would.  "Bad luck fist fuck" would presumably be the campaign slogan.

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when do we know how this shit ends

I already know the answer to this, and it is "in tears."


I guess that only answers how.  As for when, I guess it's when everyone's crying.  Then you will know it's over.

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so now the Foxnews tinfoil hats are saying Benghazi was an inside job and the state dept hired the attackers who killed the diplomats. 







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