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Heavenly Music Corporation - Lunar Phase

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Classic 90s Ambient Techno reissued.






Epic ambience from Heavenly Music Corporation, originally recorded for a Japanese ambient radio station that plays music 24 hours a day and is programmed around current tidal movements. Basically it ticks all the right boxes and is a huge 'recommended' from all here.
Somewhat of a forgotten champion of the 90s ambient scene, Kim Cascone also worked as assistant music editor for the surrealist films of David Lynch. Taking his HMC moniker from the Fripp & Eno collaboration, the project began after his industrial-tinged group Poison Gas Research began to break away in the early 1990s.

Lunar Phase was conceived specifically for the Japanese satellite radio station St. Giga, a channel devoted to relaxation through sound and the furthering of mental well-being. This archival reissue comes recommended not only to fans of Astral Industries or HMC fanatics but to anybody with a taste for the extraordinary. Bird calls, rhythmic meanderings and synth programming to make you grin from ear to ear at the mere fact that you’re alive.

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Another one issued by Astral Industries for anyone interested:




Think the rest of them have sold out everywhere, might be able to find this in some places though, I nabbed the last copy from Norman:




Looking forward to this release arriving, the soundcloud previews sounded amazing.

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