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Atom™ - Atomu Shinzo​/​Act (+ Singles)


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Atom™ - Atomu Shinzo​/​Act (+ Singles)

AtomTM_Audio_Archive - AAA014

01. Check Out da Bass 6:11
02. Sixaola 6:46
03. Heredia 4:51
04. Track 23 6:35
05. Red 5:43
06. Cool Memories 9:56
07. Jetlag 6:07
08. Metabol/Infrared 7:06
09. Check Out (Da Bass) 5:01
10. In Garza 4:50
11. Sevenaola 5:28
12. Atomu Got It (Mix 1) 6:10
13. Fool (Only Mix) 6:27
14. Atomu Got It (Mix 2) 5:14
15. Por Que? #1 5:25
16. Con Con 4:15
17. Por Que? #2 4:15



Originally released 1992/1993. Remastered by Atom™, 2016.
released February 3, 2017

All tracks remastered and restored from original digital audio tapes.
Words and Music: Atom™
c + p, AtomTM_Audio_Archive 2017.



All / most of this in one remastered release. Ardcore/breakbeat/jungle + some ambients from the Uwe. Excellent.

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Schimdt's tendrils wrap themselves around any electronic type of music in the last thirty years - you can never say you have listened to all his stuff. The thing is that he can be considered one of the pioneers in most types! 

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For someone with such an unfathomably large discography not only in size but also in variable styles and sound, it's quite amazing how all of these releases are consistently of such great quality.

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