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B12 - Mindbender


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UK ambient techno pioneer B12 returns to their own FireScope imprint with the four track EP Mindbender. The tone of the EP is set by the opening downtempo glitch jam ‘Last Man Standing’, a slow-mo horror synth motif reminiscent of John Carpenter. There is a distinct deep space nine vibe in both the musical atmospheres and the chosen song titles, both reflecting a much darker vision of the future than the uplifting and exploratory vibe found on early records such as Hall of Mirrors. Still, the mission statement is clear and the execution is on point.



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He certainly is prolific at the moment, I can't keep up. He posted something on Facebook about Electro-Soma getting a remaster/rerelease on vinyl as well. Also Electro-Soma II, whatever that is, I'm hoping its audio of Electro-Soma that he did live last year.


Edit: Limited edition CDr from Interstellar

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