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A1. B12 - Worlds End (Future/Past remix)

A2. B12 - Worlds End (Mark Broom remix)

B1. Scanner - Eros (Bitten by The Black Dog)

B2. The Future Sound of London - Monolith


More artwork by DJ Food



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No digital release? Lame.

Eh, only the future/past remix and the fsol track are working for me. 

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Thanks for sharing Rubin!


Ps: digital (Amazon, Juno Download, etc ...) as well  :happy:


After last year’s ‘Brainbox’ album, we present the 7th and final installment ‘Unboxed Brain’ which contains 3 re-interpretations by Future/Past (aka Kirk Degiorgio), Mark Broom and The Black Dog of selected tracks off the album and a new track by The Future Sound Of London.


Yet again, mastered by Matt Colton (Alchemy mastering) and remixed 'Brainbox' artwork by Kevin Foakes from Openmind (aka Strictly Kev, DJ Food from Ninja Tune).


Vinyl (more to come such as Bleep, ...) :













Digital (more to come) :








Thanks for the support!

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Whoops, sorry for jumping to conclusions. Will be picking up the digital vinyls as the become available.


Thanks  :wink:


SoundCloud previews:



Cover art by DJ Food:



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Out now & I've added a few links as well ...

Does the vinyl come with a download code? I can't see any mention of it

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Out now & I've added a few links as well ...

Does the vinyl come with a download code? I can't see any mention of it


Vinyl & digital are separated this time.

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Well that's disappointing, will probably just go for digital in that case. Would love to get the vinyl and complete the set but 90% of my listening is digital at the moment.

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Really strong EP, loving this.


Thanks Rubin!


We wanted to integrate our influences (more uplifting techno / electro on the A side & ambient, IDM on the B side) & turn out a diverse (which is kind of easier when doing a multiple 12" box set such as Brainbox), yet coherent EP.


Glad you like it.

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