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Voiceless - A through W (Fan made braindance comps)


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Hey all...


Ladalaika's comment in the recent Voiceless Z thread got me thinking.  Analogical Force's X, Y, and Z comps have been an amazing start to finish and have introduced me to several amazing music makers (Cignol, Techdiff, Daed, CCO, etc) that have been as yet underrated by the WATMM crowd.


What if we made our own fan comps with the following rules:


  1. Must be loosely related to "braindance" - acid house, electro, IDM, etc all okay
  2. Must be 5 tracks
  3. Should include at least some artists rarely mentioned here.
  4. Cannot include artists previously posted about in this thread or on the original comps
  5. Each track should be linked to a release page, so people can buy their stuff if they like it!

I'll start...


Voiceless A (Extralife)


A1 Microlith - Brainslave Sequence (RIP Rhys) https://microlith.bandcamp.com/track/brainslave-sequence

A2 Edith Keeler - Harness Incredible Energies https://recycledplastics.bandcamp.com/track/harness-incredible-energies

B1 Kretchmer - In Bed With Ecstacy https://kretchmer.bandcamp.com/track/in-bed-with-ecstacy

B2 wAgAwAga - PV_Jitter https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/track/pv-jitter

B3 Troth - Kurona Perfecto https://recycledplastics.bandcamp.com/track/kurona-perfecto





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