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DJ Stingray track id - Sonic Boom 11-11-2006


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Hi everyone,


I created an account at this site just to see if someone can id the track at 26:48 in DJ Stingray's Sonic Boom mix.


If someone can id that beast of a track, I would be very grateful. I've been searching on and off for ten years now.


Even if you don't know the id, check the track, especially when the beat comes back in at 27:23. It's powerful.




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I'm familiar with most of their catalogue and it's a strong possibility because he drops loads of their tracks in his sets. However it somehow doesn't sound like them to me, but it could be...

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I couldn't ID the track, but it seems he stopped playing it after circa 2008 while most of the other tracks survived till this day. It's also in at the CAID (Stereotype mix) and Bleep43 podcast 94, always going for a minute or so.


Stylistically it's difficult to say whose handiwork it is, because it's very stripped down and raw, could be something really low-key from Detroit.


I think your best bet is to ask Stingray himself, he's been known for answering requests for track IDs in the times of Myspace at least and this track he should recall for playing multiple times.


He's here on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/micron-audio and probably twitter/facebook is an option aswell.



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Thanks for the reply.


I reached out to the man himself on Twitter, but I didn't get an answer yet. I'm going to try soundcloud.


If this preview doesn't lie, it's Magnetize - Hardcopy




on Anti-Chord EP





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Unbelievable...you nailed it. It's nuts because I've been on that release's discogs page a few times


Thank you x 100,000


I'm snapping it up on discogs right now.

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I'm happy for you and for myself too. I was kinda offended i couldn't figure out the track, so i went through hundreds of those used in Stingray sets and from affiliated producers, my brightest idea was to dug deep into discogs forums and start checking out everything unknown. 


it wasn't easy and i demand A-level Hollywood name to immortalize this.

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I did the same thing and I had even narrowed Temple Dog down as a likely home label for that monster of a track, but I couldn't find previews of all the tracks. So the option then was to ask online, or start buying all the records....


My favorite album is the Other People Place full length, so when I pass that on to my children, the Anti-Chord EP by Magnetize will also be a part of the package. And on my deathbed when I'm doing the handover, I will reiterate the massiveness of the track Hardcopy and how the A-list Hollywood bad ass track id'er AMEN LARE saved me a lot of time and money and made it possible for our family to listen to that track whenever we wanted to.


Now I've gotta look for another track to id....

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Years later, probably wrong thread, off topic, wrong dj



But....blinder alert at 26:04. Who’s the Drexciyan Warlord that can identify that massive track?

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