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Three weeks ago i had a meeting with someone who’s the creative supervisor of a famous jingle production/audio branding company here in the Netherlands. He said he liked my music and gave me the advice to focus more on acoustic sounding music. After some research, i made this nature documentary-like soundtrack. What do you guys think?





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very clean.  i think you were writing for some emotional depth (looking at your tagging)....  along those lines, i think you need a bit more harmonic differentiation, some more variation in general...  in the melody and the pacing/percussion.


from a genre perspective, it sounds quite nice and would fit well as soundtrack music for sure....  

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I could definitely see this being used for a soundtrack for something commercial - is that the intention?



Hi Hoggy, Thx! Lolyes that was definitely my intension! Beautiful slow motion aerial images of nature etc ;-) 

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