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First listen this morning. A nice record, beautiful music..they sound like they’re having a good time together. How this combo works is a bit of a mystery to me, their contributions both meld together properly and stand miles apart from each other simultaneously somehow. I should have gone to Day for Night and I should have ordered a physical copy cuz now I want the versions CDr.

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Really nice album.. wasn't sure how well this collaboration would work but pleasantly surprised on 1st listen

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While maybe not the best comparison, the mixing ambient and VS here sort of reminds me of how I first heard Aphex stuff like ICBYD, with its ambient bits and crunchy bits all rolled together. Just VS crunchy bits are a whole lot more crunchy than Aphex's were. Personally, love Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois.

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I didn't realize there'd be some pretty super-intense tracks on the album, like the breakz start coming in and even Lanois guitar stuff is manipulated to sound a little... messed up and it's amazing


also yessss nod to sampling on that longboy track with "THE MACHINE CAN COME THE MACHINE CAN COME THE MACHINE COME" is this a joke about the Selkirk Orchestra for Asexual Lithium Addicts

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Would also like to highly recommend Lanois's latest solo album -- Goodbye to Language.  Similar vibes minus breakcore.


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Would also like to highly recommend Lanois's latest solo album -- Goodbye to Language.  Similar vibes minus breakcore.



I should really like, not that Eno is bad but do a Google search for halfway interesting people who worked with Eno. It's easy to go 'meh' and not look into their solo work

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can't blame the guy, VxSx this year has been nothing but meh, rather keep my pennies in my pocket for this one and play some of his old albums

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Recommendation: Play loud in a cavernous space.


play loud in a cavernous Kubrick 'hallway shot'


was he in the film industry

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      No deck was used, all the sync & mix was done with Audacity and Calculator, a few effects were added sporadically. Almost every track has been edited at some point.
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      Massively looking forward. Like, AOTY contender already.
      I’ll update when there’s more info.
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