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Incunabula + Basscad,EP // Autechre Reworks Thread

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Usually I'd run this project solely on /r/autechre, but I've decided I'll host it here as well. If you're also a redditor, I'd recommend going here: https://redd.it/5sc95c    


Anyways, the following will be copy+pasted from reddit [will be fixing formatting errors, sorry if there are some]: 


* Check-ins:        
Make sure to give me some way to contact you! I'll be doing "check-ins" about every other week to see how far progress is coming along. During each check-in I'll reexplain, but basically you can send me demos / ask for help / tell me ideas you have, and I'm always up for critiquing / helping out. The check-ins are very important, so please make sure to respond
* What to make:
It can be anything really! It could be a remix, a cover, adding elements on top of the original, borrowing elements, or simply inspired by the original. Please, do get creative! Pick a track that you think could fit your talents, but also come up with something new. *Note:* **If you've already made a remix/cover/etc of an autechre track in the past, feel free to submit that too!
* Submission:    
Whenever you feel happy with your track, send it to me! You can email me (ask for email if you need it) or message me on through reddit. When submitting, make sure to give me a high quality recording if possible, such as wav/flac. When the album is wrapped up I'll put it up on either bandcamp or soundcloud (or both). If we do decide to put it up on soundcloud, if possible, post your track on your own account as well!         
* How to claim a track:
To claim a track, just comment below or private message me the track you want to cover/rework/etc, your artist name, and the best way to contact you (it could be via email, could be through social media, etc)
When you claim a track, I'll un-bold the name for the track and put your name next to it.
You can claim multiple tracks, and you **can also cover a track someone else is already covering.** The main reason I want people to pick tracks people aren't covering is so that we can cover all the tracks. If all the tracks are already being covered, still feel free to join in.        
*Don't pick a track you don't enjoy. Try finding one you'd be able to cover and would enjoy covering.*      
* **Album Artwork / Album title**:     
If you are interested in coming up with a cool name or creating album artwork, feel free to private message me or just ask!     
If you need help starting work on a track, or trying to find a good version for download or something, seriously just message me. **Anyone is welcome to join this project, even if you're new to music production. The biggest thing is having dedication to the project. If you need help, let me know.**
I included Basscadet,EP and Cavity Job in the cover, if anyone is interested in covering those. Primarily though, this'll be an Incunabula Rework.
1: Kalpol Introl - *post_ultra           
2: Bike
3: Autriche - ph_wolverine
4: Bronchus 2 - nappanapples
5: Basscadet
6: Eggshell - isoldyou_yousoldme
7: Doctrine - Elehphoo
8: Maetl - Sunblox
9: Windwind - pigeonfodder
10: Lowride - onoffupdown
11: 444 - Spittal
12: Basscadet (Bcdtmx)
13: Basscadet (Basscadubmx)
14: Basscadet (Basscadoublemx)
15: Basscadet (Tazmx)
Cavity Job EP
16: Cavity Job - ph_wolverine
17: Accelera 1 & 2
Artificial Intelligence Comps
18: Crystel
19: The Egg
20: Chatter
Let's try finishing this by April? Not quite sure yet.
If you have any questions that were unanswered, feel free to ask.         
Have fun with this! Experiment, make something cool! Good luck.
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Yeah whoops, this post is all messed up, sorry guys - is there any way to delete it / edit it? It seems I'm unable to...


Still figuring out the interface! I think I have it figured out now though, won't have troubles in the future

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