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James Bevan - あおい� こ

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new album by good time watmm member james bevan AKA Chunky (rip). v nice tunes, james has a gift for melodies that invoke clouds, planes, sunrises and adventures with strange animals.

p sure all these tracks are all done with a teisco 60f multi tracked. nice 1 james.

it's an adventure through time (naturally) and an adventure for us all (naturally).




have fun b safe

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    • By neurone
      This is not  "new" as far as it's been produced between 2005 and 2014, but exept giving some cd-r when having live gigs, this have never been released or uploaded on the internet so far.
      Almost everything is hardware, raw 2-tracks recording out of analogue mixing desk (no daw multitrack mixing, no editing, no post-prod, just go and rec,  just a bit of mastering process).
      If you go for a listen, I suggest you to start by the most recent ones (coz' more interesting i.m.o.)   though, if you're into ambient, you should try the older "venale suite" or "etorpe winter harvest".
      I also have some more  jungle / drumn bass stuff, that I still have to pack and upload.
      Last recent years I was more busy working with another project in duet with a friend, (live techno / breakbeat / rave stuff), that I will post a bit later.
      Well also last years I was very busy working and raising kids... but I'mactually back in the studio so I hope I will soon put out some more music !
      Feedback is welcome ! Cheers !
    • By fxbip
      Some new fxbip trx
    • Guest
      By Guest
      which tracks have the best pad sounds (or use them the best)? maybe excluding the featured artists unless its something everyone might not have heard.
      a few to start:
    • Guest
      By Guest
      In this thread I want everyone to be nice to each other and post polite and uplifting responses about how your day went, what you found funny or what you bought (a new IDM record or something), and interact with each other in a civil manner. No swearing or insults allowed.
      Let's hope this one day will be a pinned thread and newcomers will open it and see that everyone here is nice, unlike what I thought upon my first visit. 
      For instance today I bought a pack of daily contact lenses, because I don't like how I look in glasses (like a granddad) ?. I'm also going to see a friend of mine who's going to show me his new KRK subwoofer, and we'll talk about music a bit in a nice way, drink some tea maybe.
      Also I've finished a script for a new video, can't wait to work on it, and on 2 new tracks as well. They're coming out pretty crisp. Looks like I've finally found the sound I was looking for, but I may be wrong.
      How's your day going?
      pls be nice.
      inb4 lol, flol, — keep it to yourself, it's a nice thread.

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