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Igor Amokian - Bentronicles Out Now on Bonding Tapes


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Igor Amokian - Bentronicles

Cassette and Digital



From the Facility of the Electronic music producing beat making noise-smith Igor Amokian comes : BENTRONICLES - A various artists compilation of Emcees from L.A and around the globe delivering a wide spectrum of lyrical styles and content over a barrage of mechanical mayhem beats of Igor Amokian. Featured MC's include: Ten Headed Skeleton, Bizzart, 9P, Big Epoch, Zardon Ompsfa and more! 

Hope your tape decks, BOOM BOXES and walkmen are ready for the 
interstellar trip into BENTRONICLES!!!!!!! 

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    • By auxien
      Bogdan shared this on tweeter and just listened to most of it, really nice stuff. from earlier this year, kinda tense and tending towards experimental and a touch of noise perhaps. 
    • By auxien


      there's another release i was too lazy to embed...but basically this is a few musicians, some of which i'm fans of (IKTS, nankotsuteacher, etc.) who are just compiling i guess sorta collaborative stuff and weird bits together into these kinda wild albums. i've only grabbed one so far but they've all got choice bits in there. definitely more on the experimental tip, but really there's a little bit of something for everyone. getting some sorta ICASEA/Gescom vibes at times.
    • By auxien
      this one came out a few months ago on SUPERPANG and i've been listening to it a hell of a lot. it didn't terribly impress me on first blush, but it's one of those that really reveals itself on further listens: lots of dark ambience/noise/drama but never cheesy or tryharding to be 'soundtrack' stuff or whatever, but also not full on weird/experimental like a lot of SUPERPANG hits me as. feels wrong tagging it as 'ambient' just cause there's no beats because it's really anything but background music.
      anyway, will probably be on my top 10 this year, really worth checking out imo
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      Some more bip braindance trx.
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      From Decal/Legion Of Two...
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