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Second Woman - S/W

Spectrum Spools (Editions Mego) - SP043

April 21 2017


01. / 3:47

02. // 6:17

03. /// 4:22

04. //// 5:18

05. ////\ 4:05

06. ////\\ 6:10

07. ////\\\ 4:46

08. ////\\\\ 5:17

09. ////\\\\/ 4:32









Future music duo Second Woman’s sophomore full-length for Spectrum Spools further hones their distinctive fusion of shapeshifting software sculpture and tessellated footwork. Shivering digital textures oscillate with and against algorithmically mapped percussion samples; smeared synthetic chords levitate in the distance; stabs of digital noise punctuate the mix in twitchy, time-distorting patterns. Their anamorphosis verges on ascetic: stark, splintered waveforms rendered into unique fiber optic hieroglyphs.


Multi-instrumentalists Josh Eustis and Turk Dietrich share a deep history going back to their days in the New Orleans ambient electronic community, as part of Telefon Tel Aviv and Belong, respectively. Even so, S/W pushes beyond their combined discographies to date, flexing impossibilities, building rhythms from arrhythmia, teasing veiled emotion from bold iterations of cold code.






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I like how they play with tempo/triggering, although don't really like their sound choices.


Either way will be interested to hear what this new album has to offer. 

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it's like a mix of Autechre and Mark Fell left to mutate into this incredibly abstract, ultra-modern freak show.


I thought of it more as "messy Mark Fell / SND rip-off" on half of the tracks. Anyway if i agree i would substitute Ae with dub-techno in the formula and get rid of decorative words like ultra-modern. I enjoyed dubbier, less plagiarising tracks like the one you posted or number 5 on self-titled LP.

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