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Cylob - SKFL (Funeral mix, original by Autechre)

Herr Jan

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  • 3 years later...

It's a double edged sword in that sense. It can be a source of new information for the seasoned noob. My frustration lies with the necrobumpers themselves, offering nothing as means of a reply to justify the gravedigging. BUMKUM or whatever he's called did a humdinger recently on this very subforum. I did well to bite my tongue. The worst offender of yesteryear was a guy called delet. A spammer and necrobumper who would say "heh" at the end of his posts, as if he wasn't annoying enough already. 

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so you want to talk about a track by autechre... in an autechre subforum? why don't you just fuck right off? we were all getting on perfectly quietly over here before you started making posts about autechre tracks. you make me SICK.

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