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Jack Peoples (James Stinson) - Laptop Cafe


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Clone Aqualung Series - CAL008

June 2017


01 Song 6 (instrumental)

02 Song 2

03 Song 1

04 Song 4

05 Song 3

06 Song 5 (Vocal)





The words "never heard before" and "recordings by James Stinson" possibly amount to one of the most exciting sentences you are ever likely to hear, and with Laptop Cafe, Clone's Aqualung Series reveal what is sure to be one of the biggest archival releases of the decade with this six track EP that was originally in the works at the time of The Other People Place's life-affirming Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café. Thought to have been lost in time, Clone came across the recordings on a DAT and are giving it the full release that is so thoroughly deserved.



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Pre-ordered and hyped. This is as unexpected and much desired as the Aphex soundcloud stuff, I wonder how much unreleased Stinson stuff is still in store for release someday... We know he said he had a nice stockpile left, but this is the first time (not counting the couple unreleased bonus tracks on the Clone compilations) this happened?

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