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Something a bit AFXey...


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Very pleasant sounds and nice panning effects

Doesn't sound too AFX-ish to me. Maybe the sound palette but not so much the structure of the beat and the melody. Most artists have a hard time recognizing their own style because it's so much in them. You can never remove yourself from the equation no matter what you do except you are a Myrmarachne formicaria (jumping spider) then you can fake ants a lot better than anyone would expect.

These kick drum hits are extremely satisfying

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I like the use of reverb, the squelchy drums are "AFXey" for sure. The vocal 'pad' is really nice as is the tom/african drum(?) melody. The twisted vocal (?) that comes in the last minute is also cool. 


I think an important thing to remember with AFX is the types of noises he uses with different tempo's. Think this would sound more like him if you upped the tempo by 20+ bpm? 

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