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[GOST008] AudioSAPR - AudioSAPR 2x12" LP


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Out now.





Audiosapr is one of the most consistent albums you're likely to come across in Russia's GOST ZVUK entire back catalogue. Surprisingly, the full-length by Saint-Petersburg's scene veteran Kuzma Palkin is a compilation of random jams and studio recordings he made in the period of 2014-2015, carefully pieced together by label's masterminds. SAPR stands for the System of Automatic Projection (a Russian term for Computer-Aided Design, CAD) which defines the album's experimental yet complex and interlocking heart. Based around a central theme of immediacy and spontaneity, Audiosapr builds upon the foundations of early, pre-Detroit era of electro and techno, and then progresses the wispy entrails of analogue gear in a contemporary dancefloor direction. It's clearly music that can be attributed as hybrid, however it's not you're going to think about while listening to Audiosapr, Palkin's definitely most inspiring work to date.




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I'd buy vinyl just for that ^ cyrillic virtual modular environment on inner side of gatefold sleeve. Image (also UI/UX) was created by me actually. This environment is supposed to run on soviet BK series of computers to control some imaginary soviet audio dsp farm.

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FYI one of AudioSAPR origins:



produced in 2004 in Severodvinsk


Fantastic track, a distilled taste


On the new LP i really like garbageTruck03-04 - beautiful in all aspects, well maybe i'm not a fan of a short incoming pad later in the track, but it's a nice contrasting element (it could a clown horn and the track would be none less cool)

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