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A spontaneous dance track spawned of unfinished remnants from friend Phyletic. The driving, positive vibe to this track makes it one of my personal favorites. Created first using the music production software GarageBand, then moving the composition into Reason8 Essentials to be fully expanded to completion. I hope this track encompasses something beautiful and moving for you, it has for me...


Places where my art and music live virtually:
Official Website: Helioscence.com
Instagram & Twitter: @Helioscence
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Image thumbnail Artwork by Paul Mezinskas
View the piece in it's entirety: helioscence.com/visions/


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Pretty cool. Not a huge fan of the clap, but the tune grooves along nicely. The mutes didn't completely work for me. I think maybe adding a reverse after a few of them, or something, would maybe make them less jarring. I thought my internet connection was buffering or something a few times. Decent dance track. 

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The melding and remolding of essentially two separate tracks that just needed to interconnect. This track is the result of months of experimentation and the culmination of nearly 5 years of working within a digital audio workstation. I hope you find the same love, hope and intention that poured into this track.

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