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Something AFX happening on NTS

Herr Jan

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Weirdcore, Aphex and NTS together: can't be anything else than that plan AFX mentioned a few years ago of doing (regular?) online mixes with Weirdcore visuals :)

theres sooo much good stuff com in out now its totally inspiring and an amazing time to be listening to stuff, i should compile a chart here or something, I’m going to be putting a/v mixes online with my mate eno[weirdcore]
soon hopefully soonish
like mix tapes but with visuals, really looking fwd, gunna be doing all different styles there from funk to musique concrete and all in between, inc loads of newshit by others.
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So on the web link you have to enter something and then a green ACCESS GRANTED message will appear. Does anybody have a clue?

The font family is also the same as used on Syro and Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

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I always thought that this A/V mix thing would be the WATMM-related project Joyrex teased long ago :'(


Envoyé de mon XT1072 en utilisant Tapatalk

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