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grabbed this T from a friend who has a label and a podcast. related to an upcming release i think



also grabbed a T from analog industries.. chris randal has some nice Bersek designs. 



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the only t-shirts i miss owning are my swamp thing t-shirt from when i was a teenager & a zardoz t-shirt with a picture of the head that i had when in my early 20s

and maybe the frog t-shirt i had in elementary school, which came with two little glow in the dark toy frogs you could clip to it

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10 minutes ago, yekker said:


Where did you find those beauties ??

diy. snatched the graphics from their myspace page (of all places lel), vectorized the fuck outta them et voilà. particularly happy how the fake screen static meshes with the texture of the anthracite grey one.

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Would love it if WATMM showed some support for my friends project ...she's put her heart and soul onto this is and the designs are beautiful!


Insta: https://instagram.com/respect_ya_mum?igshid=15t3c7ztsowjr


Website: https://respectyamum.com/


And her photography insta page: https://instagram.com/oh_the_epicness?igshid=13ylf4fizrkvr

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On 1/14/2021 at 1:10 AM, hello spiral said:


I got the Amlux one, which I've been meaning to buy for 15 years (no joke)

I also have the merzbird one

Damn, I kind of want that Merzbuta one. Sold out though.

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