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Nick Höppner - Work


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    • By species8472
      this will be amazing.  
      press release is....interesting. his debiasing ep from last year is one of the best things in a long time, definitely check it out if you haven't already.
    • By Salvatorin
      DIdn't realize this was coming out. So far I am diggin the hell out of this release. More of the kind of crunchy breakbeat hardcore-ish techno that we have been enjoying much of lately. Lots of fucking sub bass. Not sure on all the tracks, only given it a cursory listen but there were some definite chunes. Mancester and Nya are impressing me so far.
    • By Redruth
      "René Pawlowitz aka Shed returns to Ostgut Ton under the new moniker The Traveller and delivers the first 12” of this new project. Under his new guise Pawlowitz picks up at his roots and delivers a deep techno record made for the floor.
      The beats on the A-Side “A 100” are fierce; the melodic synth line lifts you up while everything around appears to be burning down. The experimental first track on the B-side “BER” meanders without beats and full of broken chords around that moment of ecstasy without ever reaching a break. On the B-side’s second track “Bypass” René says hello to the techno-heroes, rolls out a red carpet and shows them what he has learned. Pack your bags and head for the dance floors."
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