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New countdown, new release? [Aphex Twin Warp Store]

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The year's not quite over yet...

Well, I wonder why MIKE & Rich would be released by Planet µ...

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f5s again: promising that there's a rephlex section.


Be Awesome if one of your F5s showed this Corker!!




He should do an anniversary EP with all kinds of remakes of polynomial-c . owuld be awwwwsome ;D


also, diat whats the deal with the centered formatting?

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They were already released digitally through that Rephlex web store years ago, don't know if they're available anywhere right now though.


I regret not nabbing them back then. Already had all the vinyls at that point and remember thinking why spend more money just for digitals but yeah I'd like to have the series in digital now.

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don't understand but don't care because u do :


AFX - Mangle 11 (Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix) 5:55 released in 2003 from Rephlexions! An Album of Braindance!

Aphex Twin - Mangle 11 5:55 released in 2018 from drukQs released in 2001...


no difference, but this track is supposed to have been made for drukQs as if it had been removed...



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I waaaaaant my tape tracks...sob sob....wheeeeereeee are the tape tracks????











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They're called children


edit edit: no embed? ok


Shit, that whitey, castrated money lover might have a case after all. :fear: message is still valid though. We need teh trax. Soon right?

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