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New countdown, new release? [Aphex Twin Warp Store]

Time Tourist

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3 hours ago, nikisoko said:

Well, you get a waveform

and if you try to pronounce it, you get a nosebleed. obv. the title "equation" is fan-made, not nearly as interesting as the back of the ep.

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4 minutes ago, thumbass said:

Were was this posted?

That was hidden in that NTF-crypto file

Somethings gonna happen and Im almost sure it has something with drukqs a re-issue

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mfw time begins to dilate backwards as everyone on earth experiences "avril 14th, reversed irl not in audio" followed by nineteen bonus tracks, us fans waiting with baited breath for them to be unreleased one by one.

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It's weird, been listening to Drukqs a lot over the past week. Sure its a bit of subconscious Avril 14 influence, but it's reminded me how much I love this thing to pieces. 

Also weird to think it's been 20 years. Fucking nuts. I'd love a re-release, would buy it again for like the 5th time (kept losing/breaking cds, then bought it from bleep digital then bought it AGAIN from the Aphex page cause new tracks and whatnot). 

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                                                                         RAVE tomorrow, call this number 04142021 after 4:20 for directions

                                                                                                          No Bad Vibes, Drama or weapons

                                                                                                                              drukQs OK


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