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New countdown, new release? [Aphex Twin Warp Store]

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No not really. It’s just a really douchey move to intentionally disappoint a ton of uber-fans that have a lot of interest in, are emotionally invested in, and find solace in the artists’ new music. It

The year's not quite over yet...

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8:22 + in US central time :(

Weird I have 4:22 CST. Maybe the time is unique to every user !?!

Hit refresh?


Weird that there are two different times in one zone...

Yep kicked me back to 7:52 now, bummer.
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yeah 1 min here too but I think US still have loadsa time left


whoever wrote this webpage needs to shout at themselves in a mirror for a bit


unless this was all intentional in which case well done ya did it

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and what the fack now ? feel like beeing traped in a davidy lynch movie.

Edited by Kavinsky
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