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New countdown, new release? [Aphex Twin Warp Store]

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The year's not quite over yet...

Aphex Twin: The Album the man has set up his synths. they've been calibrated, their tuning procedures are in order. linked together by midi (or in some cases cv, or "cool voltage") they are set u

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8:22 + in US central time :(

Weird I have 4:22 CST. Maybe the time is unique to every user !?!

Hit refresh?


Weird that there are two different times in one zone...

Yep kicked me back to 7:52 now, bummer.
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yeah 1 min here too but I think US still have loadsa time left


whoever wrote this webpage needs to shout at themselves in a mirror for a bit


unless this was all intentional in which case well done ya did it

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and what the fack now ? feel like beeing traped in a davidy lynch movie.

Edited by Kavinsky
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