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Interview With Weirdcore on Doing Visuals For AFX Shows


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I can't get beyond these: 


aphex twin


caustic window

polygon window

dice man

phonic boy on dope


bradley strider

the tuss

power pill 

universal indicator


user18081971 (don't know if this one counts)

Mike & Rich (don't know if this one counts) 

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Oh does the family Tregaskin count as well?

Forgot about blue calx and smoj... I'll self whip myself 4 times for that this evening.


And yeah I enjoyed the article too. Didn't realise how much could go wrong during such a show. The mistake during FD has been forgiven!

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this thread :facepalm:


just going to quote myself from the recent afx live visuals thread




weirdcore used very obscure (for non-spaniards) spanish celebrities for the Primavera set to do the faceswap thing he does at gigs... that was nice
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