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Roy of the Ravers


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Ceephax named him about a year ago, it's in Discogs edit history for Roy. And also listed on Roy's discogs page as his name. 

Can you link something explicitly? I scoured the discogs pages and didn't find any references rlly.. thx!



Sorry, it was late





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He also updated the Emotinium-track on his bandcamp, now it's just Emo and the voice sample is ?reversed? halfway https://acidwaxa.bandcamp.com/album/2-late-4-love


That one was changed a while ago.


This one is still unchanged - https://emotional-response.bandcamp.com/album/2-late-4-love

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The J-card on the original tape of 2 Late For Love (before it was pressed on vinyl) listed Emotinium as a Roy of the Ravers remix of Ceephax Acid Crew's Emotinium (available on the first disc of Ceeland) which bears very slight resemblance to the original, minus the vocal sample, rather than an original Roy of the Ravers track with the same name.


The record, containing a selection of the tracks from the tape, including the Emotinium remix, was pressed a few times in 2016. I picked it up in August. At the time, Roy's identify was anonymous. I talked to someone from Acid Waxa who said Roy and Ceephax were definitely different people but they knew each other personally.


The track named Ceephax Acid Crew Cut was, strangely, nothing at all to do with Ceephax Acid Crew. The voice sounds a lot like his voice though. Maybe they have the same accent.


The change from Emotinium to Emo was the most bizarre part of all of this. I didn't keep up with Ceephax's opinions of the whole thing, but I believe the shift from Emotinium on 2 Late 4 Love being considered a remix of an old Ceephax track to it being considered its own track, that just happened to have the same name as an old track from another artist with a similar musical style, that eventually became more well known than the original, was what did it.

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For acid analysis purposes, about 2 years ago I redone by ear the bassline of Emotinium. Here is the MIDI file, if anyone in interested. It's close, but not perfect.

Also included are the audio loops for main melody, bass line and the two together.

303 is ABL Pro 3 demo version plug in, as I'm too lazy to route the MIDI from the laptop to hardware 303.



Emotinium_rework.mp3 Emotinium_303.wav Emotinium_loop.wav Emotinium_MIDI.mid

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