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Warp Records - WARP9X

August 2017


1 Debris 6:31

2 Ecliptic 2:25

3 Ming 8:40

4 Bubbles 6:37

5 Kaxia-80 2:10

6 Satori 4:40

7 Paradroid 5:24

8 Transient Pathways 5:51

9 Fear Of Expression 4:45

10 Go With The Hiss 3:57

11 Eiyla 5:17

12 Static Emotion 5:50





B12 and Warp unearth the previously unknown missing piece to their soundtrack of space Electro-Soma.


Reaching even further out into the deepest recesses of the Artifical Intelligence universe, Electro-Soma II collects some of B12's most cherished tracks from the Electro-Soma period and arranges them into an album of archival material that sounds as otherworldly and compellingly timeless as when we first heard Electro-Soma back in 1993.


Electro-Soma II perfectly bridges the gap between the groups earliest AI material through to 1996's Time Tourist, while providing a fascinating viewpoint into the music of one of the most elusive and incredible artists to ever grace Warp.



Electro-Soma I + II Anthology

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When I first saw the title I was worried this would be some sort of conceptual follow-up 25 years later, which might have been baaad. But this looks excellent.

Mind you, two of these bonus tracks are on the original CD version.


Still, remastered version is going to be ace. Will definitely buy the 2CD set when it comes out.

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None of these tracks are previously unreleased, but it does make a nice compilation. As with the first Electro Soma album taking its tracks from B12 ep's with a few extras, these too are from the original ep's and a few unreleased tracks. Except they did already appear on the Archive series.


Party pooper :D

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Well...most people that are fans of the AI series have not dug into B12 Archives. Either way, this is a great looking package.

Yeees, stunning!


Probably there are no unreleased tracks left from that era...

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hmm times are weird.... i think it's a bleeper... or could these be alternate mixes?


ming on the archives is 2 min and some change... on here it's listed as 8+ min?

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anyway sort of excited... worth it for obsessed on vinyl alone imo. already have all the archive series so not sure how much i stand to gain from this. does seem to be one unreleased track?? Kaxia-80? Never heard that before...


also just as a note: the archive series are remastered themselves. not sure if this is a "new" remastering or if it's taken from the archive series ten years ago.


edit: i fucking love the shit out of B12 and i'm hoping and praying for a time tourist repress. my peepee would make cumcums. and then maybe a time tourists II with silicon garden likemind mix on wax. dear god if that isn't just one of the best IDM tracks of all time. so emotional. somehow the mix on the album doesn't quite reach the same heights.

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hmm times are weird.... i think it's a bleeper... or could these be alternate mixes?


ming on the archives is 2 min and some change... on here it's listed as 8+ min?


Yes, I noticed that the times are different from those listed in the pertinent Discogs entries, some are significatively shorter while others are promisingly longer, uhm...

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Wow...really great looking package here.


Surprised Warp is getting back on the B12 wagon.


Does this mean we will get sequel albums from the other AI artists???

Like maybe the surfing on sine waves II that Richard was having us compile on SoundCloud? Edited by hayhook
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