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Sensomusic Usine 3 launched

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...bit of an underdog modular DAW all these years, but certainly quite capable..new video engine looks good, overall impressive features..



New in Hollyhock3

HH3 is the biggest release since many years, easier to use, easier to learn and more powerful than ever.

  • - New tutorial as youtube videos,
  • - New modular video engine,
  • - New DMX engine,
  • - Hundred of improvements,
  • - More than 180 new modules,
  • - More than 60 new sampler banks,
  • - New interface design,
  • - New manual.



finally some video tutorials:



go check.

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If it finally brought back VST authoring I might upgrade, that's the main thing I originally got it for in 1.0 and the lack of it is why I let my upgrade subscription lapse a couple years ago in the middle of 2.0.


It's still a really good program for computer based live performance but that's not what I do.


Also, no upgrade path for current users anymore, as far as I can tell.

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Oh damn, too bad about lack of upgrade path. Probably won't bother tbh. Much easier to do MIDI processing in Max with standard objects or JS than Pascal in Usine...

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Yeah, it's really good for audio processing, especially with novel self-designed interfaces, but for MIDI I didn't really find it as useful. The new video engine looks really cool but I don't really have the budget to upgrade something I won't use a ton, especially when VVVV is out there waiting to be learned.


But if I was a touchscreen-based performer working with mixed media I would be all over this.


I'm hoping that I'm wrong about the upgrade path and they just haven't posted it yet or something, because for $50 I might do it.

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strange...usually they are quite generous with upgrade options, i've got the lifetime-thingy, so no hassle there..

i don't think they will bring "run as VST" back. what would be nice, would be some dedicated VST/AU for communicating with Usine from other DAWs. 

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Oooooooo. I have always had high hopes for Usine. I will have to check out the videos and stuff.

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