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the tracklisting looks like it was inspired by twin peaks season 3


01. Lets Jack 
02. Lear Jet 
03. Nuclear Cloud 
04. Do It Right Now 
05. New Lucifer / The Truth Is Bad 
06. Radioactive Water 
07. Invasion Pretext 
08. 20 Block Lockdown 
09. Sun / Antartic / H20 

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Great for a night drive through urban decay.  Getting some "On the Corner" vibes from some of these tracks too.  V good album.

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let's see what the bussiest man in electronica has to show this time!



Really looking forward to this. The Sandoz box set really renewed my interest in him.


he has made so much stuff! and under so many aliases! here is the thread.. https://forum.watmm.com/topic/82617-richard-h-kirk-fans/ Edited by MIXL2
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      Waylaid & involuntarily inconvenienced in a classified government sleep experiment program?
      Run audio.
      *Caution - doors do not open from the inside.

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      Great read!  Really great write up on one of the best labels out there at the moment.
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