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i'm sure oscillik is well aware of this...right?



I tweeted him a couple of days ago.

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Lol. He probably knew about it before Neil had even finished the mastering.

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Pre-ordered the green cassette via Bleep. Also Neil Scrivin's Tomorrow's World.

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If you listen to them a fair amount you'll probably hear the differences. It seems to be mostly melodic nowadays, where Scrivin/Meatbingo was a bit cleaner and slicker a few years back. VHS Head seems to be inspired heavily by 80s pop aesthetics where I think Scrivin plays/played in bands and I feel like he's got a bit of a prog/math thing going on with his melodies and harmonies.

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I'd say Scrivin/Meatbingo/Phono Ghosts is more synthpop influenced and to some degree BOC influenced also (esp. Twenty Years on Ben Nevis and some PG stuff). VHS Head draws his influence from 80s B-movie soundtracks. Well he uses them as source material, doesn't he?


imo tbh idk

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ay makes sense, guess a lot of sample sharing and production techniques etc is happening


There's also VHS Head's brother, but he doesn't seem to really release any of his stuff, that I can find. Just some older uploads to Soundcloud.

Wish that guy would release some of his stuff.

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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to Meatbingo - The Error of My WAV's

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