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Sacred Symbols Of Mu


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Guest Idiron's Giblets

shit. didnt see this thread before i made mine.


anyway, naturally they were selling this at ammunition on friday - it was actually the cheapest CD - £5! it was a bit stupid though because the shop closed at 1/2am and so they missed out on all the customers theyde get once the night finished. i mean, c'mon, nobody's gonna carry around a vinyl with them all night. otherwise i would've spent a fuckload. it was my birthday afterall!


it's an amazing CD btw... http://forum.watmm.com/index.php?showtopic...view=getnewpost

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damn this Leafcutter John track is fucking amazing!!!


he made a track with sustained beats......


to show us that he is a bad ass just like the label he is on!!!!! :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg:

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Has anyone found this in the states or do I have to order the godamned thing?



Revolver's usually two-three weeks late in shipping Mu releases stateside. It's not in my shop either yet, but I'm going to check back in like two weeks.

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Guest ▓▓▓

sacred symbols of meh


pretentiousness mmmmh

i only said that because sacred symbols of poo would have been too harsh

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Guest Ron Manager

i can't believe i waited until now to buy this. what a great compilation. and for £5! even if there were only a couple of nice tracks it'd be worth it. fortunately it's all really good.

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