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HDMIRROR - HOW LARGE music video (Strobe Warning)


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lost me a little at the end, but I definitely like the thing. some nice edits and image blendings in there.

it's great when people make audio and visuals together.

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I adore your stuff man! I have yet to listen to your mixtape, forgive me  :unsure:


For real though your sound design is absolutely amazing and the music videos so far have been really fun and totally to my tastes hah (how do you edit them by the way? - love the editing and imagery that mesh together), srsly pls keep it up! Do you have any big projects coming up? Almost feels like these videos are leading to something big...


(also congrats on getting one of your tracks played by patten on that 555-5555 mix - no wonder they're big fans!)


Hi, thanks for the kind words!


For the videos I just use Premiere Pro. I'm learning After Effects at the moment so the upcoming videos will hopefully be more impressive


And I do have at least one EP coming very soon  :diablo:

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