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[Science] You'll like it better of it costs more


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Here's a tip: if you have some mediocre tracks, release them on a super-limited, very expensive format. It'll appear to be better tracks, according to science :)



There's actually evidence that information about price influences your appreciation of wine. no surprises here, I guess.


What surprised me however, was the bluntness of the neural correlates. If a certain brain region is activated, you'll appreciate something more. And how can you control activating that region? Well, just saying something is expensive will help a great deal.


And all those crappy franchise movies? You might like them better if they were more expensive to produce. 


Good to know we're mostly suckers when it comes to taste. 



Informational cues such as the price of a wine can trigger expectations about its taste

quality and thereby modulate the sensory experience on a reported and neural level.
Yet it is unclear how the brain translates such expectations into sensory pleasantness.
We used multilevel mediation analysis of neural and behavioral data obtained in
participants who tasted identical wines cued with different prices. We found that the
brain’s valuation system (BVS) in concert with the anterior prefrontal cortex
explained the effect of price cues on taste pleasantness ratings. The sensitivity of the
BVS to rewards outside the taste domain moderated the strength of these effects.
Moreover, brain mediators of price cue effects overlapped with brain regions
previously found to be involved in placebo analgesia. These findings provide novel
evidence for the fundamental role that neural pathways linked to motivation and
affective regulation play for the effect of informational cues on sensory experiences.

How Context Alters Value: Price Information Recruits the Brain’s Valuation and Affective Regulation System for Shaping Experienced Taste Pleasantness (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/312938483_How_Context_Alters_Value_Price_Information_Recruits_the_Brain%27s_Valuation_and_Affective_Regulation_System_for_Shaping_Experienced_Taste_Pleasantness [accessed Jul 31, 2017].


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