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SYNE is the new alias of Dennis Huddleston (AKA 36), who is likely to be a familiar name to those of you who follow the modern ambient scene. The SYNE label is dedicated to his techno/dancefloor orientated productions, where wistful strings and drifting pads meet vintage drum machines and 808 basslines. 

From the melodic, midnight electronics of "SYNE 2", to the thunderous dread march of "SYNE 5", culminating in the moody Blade Runner-esque vibes of "SYNE 8", the SYNE LP is sure to find its place with lovers of deep, emotional techno music.


It's gonna be pressed on 2xLP vinyl and will be available to order soon from https://www.juno.co.uk/products/syne/654999-01/


Here's one of the tracks from the release. Juno has samples of the rest.




Cheers :)

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Sounds really promising. Will you have a separate Bandcamp page for Syne releases? 


Juno (and the stores they distribute to) will have 99% of the stock. The digital version will be out 2 weeks after the vinyl (as per the terms of the agreement I have with them) and will be listed as normal on my usual 36 Bandcamp site. I'll have about 10 vinyl copies myself to sell, so if you want a copy, it'd be better to order straight from Juno for this one.


New release date is 20th November and hopefully the final delay  :sleep:

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ordered  :music:


edit: no download with Juno?


Sadly not as it was beyond my control, but anyone who orders the vinyl and emails me a pic of their record or receipt will get a bandcamp code when the digital releases (on Christmas day!)


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