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VA - Under Water (Recycled Plastics charity comp)


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The artist and gentlemen known to his family as Brian Grainger and to fans as Milieu, Coppice Halifax, Bike, etc has generously put together a compilation in support of people very close to me that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.  I am actually a counselor at a school over in the Meyerland neighborhood in Houston that was hit particularly hard.




Trying to do every little bit I can do to help....and Brian helped me to deliver the braindance.  


Quality is high (as usual) on this one.  If you want to throw a few bucks toward helping the families at my school, we'd appreciate it!



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digging the Parlament.  Thanks for purchasing guys.


I've been following Recycled Plastics for the past couple years now, and am embarrassed to say that I have not dug into many artists outside Milieu before he generously agreed to put together this comp for my school.  Now...I have had my mind opened to the greatness of David Tagg (Gold Coast), Mosca, Zander One, Oxynucid, and Josh Mace.  Also the track "Everythings Gone" by Melotone brought tears to my eyes.


Ok, done being emo.  

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Just noticed this comp is gracing the forum's front page - thanks Joyrex! (Or, whichever mod did the deed - thanks!) 


So far this record alone has raised $250 for Houston, so your money matters! 

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