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Set I played last year at rave on a farm in the Scottish Highlands. House/Braindancey. Stay tuned for the Colundi Cowbell Solo at the end.
Crazy Penis - There's A Better Place
Axel Boman - Son of A Plumber
Dave Monolith - FlenHix
Soul Center - Boot Box
Luke Vibert - Officer's Club
Kornel Kovacs - Dance... While the Record Spins
Liz Torres - Your Love is All I Need (Dub Mix)
Claro Intelecto - Dependant
Wav Fuzz - Neo's Jam
Throwing Snow - Lumen
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Acid Edit)
Lusine - Eyes Give In
Tim Wright - Section 7
Marc Houle - Undercover
Lone - Vapour Trail
Dapayk Solo - Tyffaniecell (Sutekh's "March of the Valkuries" Remix)
Aleksi Perala - UK74R1512130
Cursor Miner - Mad Cow (Free Range Version)


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