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Goiter Sanchez

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It would seem that this was just set up:



If this is legit it's a pretty big deal; an official vendor to purchase all these formerly vinyl-only tracks. It's strange though, listening to the previews it would appear that some are obviously vinyl rips, such as MASK 100:


[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2284040868 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]


But then the preview for MASK 200 sounds totally clear... Clearer than ever, like it is driect from the DAT:

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1312612526 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]



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Whoa awesome, just yesterday I was caning my decade-old slsk rip of viral rival and wondered if, just maybe, something like this could happen.  :sorcerer:


I'd like to spree the fuck outta this but like Goiter Mans I have reservations about some stuff being vinyl-sourced.  A while ago I downloaded Gescom's S/T from Blerp (flacs ffs) only to be convinced it's a vinyl rip.  Doesn't detract from the musics but stillll





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I don't understand the griping over some of these being sourced from vinyl rips.


The only way I could understand people being upset is if either


1. The files are exactly the same as those that are available via piracy


2. The vinyl rips are of releases that have been available on CD previously



A lot of these tracks were made before making music entirely in a DAW was the norm, so the source recordings will be on tape or something like that. I'd guess that Andy doesn't have those masters, my guess is that the artists themselves would have had them back after they were used for mass duplication.


I'm sure those artists have incredible organisation and the foresight to keep all their masters in a catalogued and easily accessible storage system (not too unlike the bit in Hackers were Zero Cool hacks the TV station, and the robot arms come and grab the tapes from archive), so that when Andy finally decided to put stuff on Bandcamp, they could hack the gibson, grab the archives, convert them to digital vinyls (FLACs), and then upload them direct to Andy's mega server.



I guess I'm just trying to say there's nothing inherently illegitimate about vinyl rips. The label is making available material that was only purchasable at the time of release, or now for ridiculous profit for whomever is cheeky enough to charge the current going rate for MASK 500.

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Holy shit-a-moly. Many reasons to be enthusiastic.

First thought, though: FINALLY I can get my greazy mitts on a proper encode of Motor EP FFS!

Whoa awesome, just yesterday I was caning my decade-old slsk rip of viral rival and wondered if, just maybe, something like this could happen.  :sorcerer:

Oh, yes. Yes, yes. OG Viral too.

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bola mauver

mystery artist (funckarma) anger qusa 



etc etc.. 


yeah.. filling in some gaps in the wav file collection.  will be nice to hear these w/o vinyl artifacts but also i like the speed/pitch i recorded some of them at.

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So, this is definitely legit then?

Not entirely sure, but it would certainly appear to be. In keeping with their ethos there is no promotion for this thing aside from stuff like this topic n social media postings.

I sent the page a message trying to clear a few things up. Will report back on findings, if any.

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