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Burial - Rodent


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You're walking down a dark alleyway on a cold, rainy night. Somewhere off in the distance, a singer croons soulful, evocative lamentations through the ethereal fog which permeates your inner-city existence. Around the corner, you hear the sound of a bullet casing hitting the worn, broken concrete, almost as if it were happening in slow motion. Suddenly the eerily familiar, almost too familiar, clickety-clack of a lightly-syncopated drumbeat descends upon you, punctuating the rise of Mary Anne Hobbes' spectre from a nearby skip. Slowly it dawns on you that there's no way out; you're stuck in every Burial song ever made.







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The remix isn't my thing, but the bit around 2:30 into it is a really good shuffle for awhile.

Main track is fine, just loops the vocal sample too much.


Always really dig this Burial mix



Unrelated but related for when I want a not-Burial Burial fix.


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